Auto Air Conditioner Repair

auto air conditioner repair

Auto Air Conditioner Repair Service

The air conditioning unit of a car is often easily overlooked--that is, until it malfunctions. And when it does, it is often too late for simple troubleshooting procedures. Unlike a household unit, your car air conditioning system is quite complex. At Green Valley Automotive, we provide full service local auto air conditioning repair services to include: Freon recharge, radiator leak detection, water pump replacement, hose replacement, and more.

Why AC Repair is important

Your car air conditioner is a system that functions much like your cardio-vascular system. The compressor is the heart that pumps a refrigerant called Freon throughout the air conditioning unit. Freon, a combination of gas and liquid, causes air to cool when compressed. Auto air conditioning may be damaged by leakage in systems, low level of refrigerants, clogging in condensers, and failure of compressors. A malfunctioning air conditioning system in your car can result in even more extensive and expensive damage to your engine and other auto components. If your air conditioner is not working, do not delay in having it checked out to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Freon Recharge

Like your ordinary household air conditioning unit, your auto air conditioning system will not work as it should when Freon levels are low. If your auto is not blowing cold air, then a low Freon level is one of the first items to have checked out.

The ability of the Freon to carry heated air away and leave cool air behind depends on the pressure applied to it. Air coming into the condenser helps in this process. This is the reason why, sometimes, for older models of air conditioners, the temperature is cooler when the car travels at full speed than when it stands idle. This allows the compressor to pump Freon harder and faster. Therefore, the air conditioner system operates much more efficiently.

To keep the performance of the auto air conditioning unit running smoothly, and to prevent temperature changes, make sure that the electric cooling fan that takes in air functions properly. It must turn very fast for it to be effective. This is another item that we check for your when providing an estimate of A/C repair.

Air Filter Replacement

One of the things that will commonly lead to a decrease in your system's efficiency is a dirty filter. You should aim to change your filter once every two months at least. If at the end of that time period you are pulling out a filter that is caked with dirt and dust, you'll need to change it every month instead. Changing your filter on a regular basis ensures airflow is staying constant and you aren't getting a lot of dirt and dust caught in the system.

Radiator Repair

Motor overheating affects the functions of your auto air conditioner, as it does all the aspects of vehicle performance. When the motor is shot, the fan may not work as efficiently as it should. The added heat coming from the motor will also make it difficult for the air conditioner to cool the car. Make sure you take care of your motor. Always have water ready to cool your motor and prevent it from overheating.

Call for Free A/C Repair Estimate

If you are having trouble with your car air conditioner, give us a call for a free estimate. We would be happy to help you get out of the heat!

Our Full Service Auto Air Conditioner Repair Services include:

  • A/C Recharge Services
  • A/C Lead Troubleshooting
  • Freon Recharge
  • Car AC Repair Air Conditioning
  • Water Pump and Hose Replacement
  • Auto Radiator Repair
  • A/C Repair
Why us?

  • Free estimates and a fast, premium priced service
  • Trained, licensed and experienced mechanics
  • Emergency A/C Repairs
  • Complete auto air conditioner repair services
  • Locally owned and operated

Don't spend another sweltering day in Green Valley or Sahuarita with a malfunctioning auto air conditioner! We provide free estimates of auto air conditioner repair cost. We are your full-service auto air conditioner repair experts for Green Valley and Sahuarita. 

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